culture. values. vision.

Our Culture

Our management team are committed to creating an environment in which everyone who engages with us, from employee through supplier to customer, enjoys a beneficial and rewarding experience. This environment will promote honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, teamwork, education and personal advancement both in our business and private lives.

Our Values

Values describe the way we act as a group. They are not only the glue that holds a team together. Values define 'who we are' and 'how we do things.

Values create our organisation's identity.

Our corporate values decide for us as a group what is acceptable and what is not, in other words they set the rules for how we behave. They represent and form the very basis of our culture.

We believe that setting and publishing these values, both internally and externally, enables everyone to have the opportunity to share these values with us. We invite you to do so…

1 To act with openness, honesty, loyalty and integrity at all times.

2 To display a ‘can-do attitude’ and an ownership of tasks in a team environment.

3 To be quality driven and commercially responsible.

4 To create an inspirational, educational, challenging working environment.

5 To display and meet a commitment to our customers' goals.

6 To promote innovation and create an environment of continuous improvement.

Our Vision

To build a better world and a balanced lifestyle by living our values and continually re-investing in our products, services, people and our environment.